Laser Cutting Machine

 YD laser C series cutting machine

  • Adopts excessive-electricity fiber laser, prepared with precision linear manual rail, high-precision gear rack and different transmission mechanisms.

  • Mainly used for slicing and forming ordinary carbon metallic plate, chrome steel plate, aluminum and different steel materials.

  • The system is designed with small volume, open workbench and structural stability. 

  • The principle body of the gadget adopts the casting bed technique, which has better machining accuracy, better seismic resistance and higher balance.

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Product Details

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The c-series Laser cutting machine produced by the company adopts high-power fiber laser, equipped with precision linear guide rail, high-precision gear rack and other transmission mechanisms. The precision CNC laser cutting machine is a high-tech product integrating laser cutting, precision machinery, CNC technology and other disciplines through a unique CNC system. It is mainly used for cutting and forming ordinary carbon steel plate, stainless steel plate, aluminum and other metal materials.

Laser cutting machine

YD laser's C series single platform laser cutting machine perfectly shows the excellent, exquisite, simple but not simple product performance. It is vividly called "thin plate sharp weapon" by customers. It adopts gantry double drive structure, integrally welded bed and integrally cast aluminum beam, which has good rigidity, stability and earthquake resistance. The machine is designed with small volume, open workbench and structural stability. The machine has the advantages of accurate positioning, good acceleration performance, fast cutting speed and smooth cutting surface.

The main body of the equipment adopts the casting bed process, which has higher machining accuracy, better seismic resistance and higher stability.

 laser cutting machine

The laser adopts international advanced technology

The unique cutting process database can carry out different intelligent cutting for different materials, optimize the cutting surface, cut a wider range of materials, faster speed, better quality and lower cost, and can be applied to the full coverage of low-power to high-power lasers.

The laser head can automatically avoid obstacles. The laser head can carry out high dynamic response, predict obstacles in advance and protect the laser head to the greatest extent.

Cast aluminum beam is fast. Aluminum alloy has the metal characteristics of light weight and strong rigidity, which is conducive to high-speed movement in the machining process, and high flexibility is conducive to high-speed cutting of various graphics on the basis of high precision.

laser cutting machine

Product Specification:

Work Processing Area3050mm*1530mm4000mm*2000mm6100mm*2500mm8100mm*2500mm
Laser Sources Power1000/2000/3000/4000/6000W
Position Accuracy0.05mm
Repeatability Accuracy0.03mm
X-Y Simultaneous Speed110m/min
X-Y Simultaneous Acceleration1G


Laser Cutting Machine

Laser Cutting Machine

Our Group:

Shandong Yida Laser Technology Co., Ltd. is a modern manufacturing enterprise specializing in the R & D and production of laser cutting machines. The company was established in 2012 and is located in Zichuan, one of the top 100 industrial areas in China.

It is the first batch of high-tech enterprises introduced from Qilu laser Industrial Park. The company has a 30000 square meter standardized plant. It has a professional technical team and operation system.  The team is formed by a group of experts and professors, and at the same time, maintains a good relationship with major universities and optical research institutes in order to cooperate especially in technology exchange related to Laser cutting industry.


Since its establishment, the business enterprise has targeted at the optimization and integration of technology, fine, application, marketplace and different resources. The laser slicing gadget guided by "excessive efficiency, excessive overall performance and excessive precision" is broadly used in  mechanical device, electric device, marketing and marketing signs, sheet metallic production, precision parts, virtual products, craft gifts, hardware manufacturing, digital components

automobile, steel, shipbuilding, machinery, aerospace, countrywide protection and rail transportation. Yida laser specializes in large, medium and small layout laser slicing machines. Closely following the global frontier and in near cooperation with world-well-known laser assisting providers consisting of the United States, Japan, Germany, Switzerland and United Kingdom, the evolved laser device has excessive photoelectric conversion rate, suitable beam fine and strong overall performance. In particular, the solid-kingdom laser slicing gadget occupies a main function in Asia in phrases of slicing thickness and slicing speed.

Our Factory:

Laser Cutting Machine


Laser Cutting Machine

Contact Us:

Jinan Yida Machine Tool Co., Ltd

Address: Room J1 304, high tech Wanda office building, Jinan area, Shandong pilot Free Trade Zone, China

Tel: +8653182899697


Function&parameter List6025C6020C4020C3015C
●standard configuration,
○optional configuration,
×No configuration required
Basic parameterWorking area6100mm*2500mm6100mm*2000mm4000mm*2000mm3050mm*1530mm
Max.linkage speed110m/min110m/min110m/min110m/min

Automatic adjustment of cutting gas pressure6KW below:O26KW below:O26KW below:O26KW below:O2
6KW and above:O2、N2、air6KW and above:O2、N2、air6KW and above:O2、N2、air6KW and above:O2、N2、air
Table load bearing4750kg(1-4kw)4750kg(1-4kw)3550kg(1-4kw)1600kg(1-4kw)
Overall weight≈8000kg≈7000kg≈6000kg≈5000kg
ConfigurationOptical systemlaser headBLT/Ray Tools/OspriBLT/Ray Tools/OspriBLT/Ray Tools/OspriBLT/Ray Tools/Ospri
mechanical systemMachine bedWelded bedWelded bedWelded bedWelded bed
Gantry structureCast Aluminum gantryCast Aluminum gantryCast Aluminum gantryCast Aluminum gantry
X-axis、Y-axis、Z-axis Servo motor and driverJapan Fuji/France SchneiderJapan Fuji/France SchneiderJapan Fuji/France SchneiderJapan Fuji/France Schneider
Linear RailsMade in TaiwanMade in TaiwanMade in TaiwanMade in Taiwan
RackMade in TaiwanMade in TaiwanMade in TaiwanMade in Taiwan
Protective Enclosure××××
Enhanced-partition Dust Removal
Electrical systemControl systemFSCUT2000SFSCUT2000SFSCUT2000SFSCUT2000S

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