Customized Solution for Laser Welding of Battery Pack Module

2023/05/18 17:06

Energy storage batteries commonly refer to electricity storage batteries, often used for photo voltaic energy, wind energy technology equipment, and renewable power storage energy. In latest years, pushed by way of the aim of reaching carbon neutrality, a massive share of renewable strength will be related to the energy gadget in the future. The improvement of strength storage will be an essential aid to hold the safety and balance of the complete strength system, which additionally brings exquisite possibilities for the improvement of the power storage battery industry.



The shape of the strength storage battery pack covers a range of substances and requires excessive welding requirements. The assembled pack battery pack additionally wishes to be examined thru guide or robotic suction gun leak detection. The use of laser welding science can noticeably decrease the defect fee in battery pack manufacturing, no longer solely enhancing the firmness of the connection between battery packs, however additionally enhancing the security and reliability of strength storage batteries. And in order to obtain automatic production, growing the variety of transmission chain traces can whole cellphone processing units, phone stacking units, polarity detection and CCD addressing units, busbar welding stations, acquisition line laser welding stations, PACK meeting lines, and associated checking out equipment, CCD systems, HMI systems; Logistics transportation gadget and manage system, etc.


Difficulties in laser welding of power storage battery PACK module:
1. Pores: During laser welding, the hassle of hydrogen era is mainly distinguished due to the fast cooling time, which can effortlessly lead to hydrogen pores and pores precipitated by means of pore rupture, as properly as pores brought about by way of small gap collapse.
2. Hot cracking: As aluminum alloy is a traditional eutectic kind alloy, it is inclined to warm cracking in the course of the welding process, such as welding crystallization cracking, HAZ liquefaction cracking, etc. Due to the composition evaluation of the weld zone, the grain boundaries melt, and below stress, liquefaction takes place at the grain boundaries

The batteries that grant riding energy for new electricity electric powered automobiles are referred to as electricity batteries, which includes common lead-acid batteries, nickel hydrogen batteries, and rising lithium-ion electricity batteries. As is properly known, energy batteries are the "heart" of new power vehicles. As a helping enterprise for new electricity vehicles, pushed by using the new electricity car enterprise in current years, the strength battery enterprise has additionally skilled explosive growth. Provide a complete answer for laser welding of new electricity automobile battery PACK modules, more often than not which includes rectangular aluminum shell battery module welding, cylindrical giant single cellphone battery module welding, and gentle bundle battery module welding.

The relationship between new power strength batteries and laser welding

Power batteries account for 30% -40% of the complete wide variety of new power vehicles, and have a large influence on key symptoms such as range, car life, and safety. Therefore, enhancing the overall performance of energy batteries is the key to enhancing the universal overall performance of new electricity vehicles. In the manufacturing manner of electricity batteries, from cellphone manufacturing to PACK assembly, welding is a very essential manufacturing process. Especially, the shape of energy batteries includes a number materials, such as steel, aluminum, copper, nickel, etc. These metals can also be made into electrodes, wires, or shells. Therefore, whether or not it is welding between one cloth or more than one materials, greater necessities are put ahead for the welding process.

Common Laser Welding Applications of Power Batteries

Power batteries are divided into square, cylindrical, and tender pack batteries. At present, the system of the usage of laser welding in the manufacturing of strength batteries basically includes:
Middle process: welding of electrode ears (including pre welding), spot welding of electrode strips, pre welding of battery cells into the shell, sealing welding of shell pinnacle cover, sealing welding of liquid injection port, etc;
Subsequent process: which includes the welding of the connecting piece at some point of the battery pack module, as nicely as the welding of the explosion-proof valve on the cowl plate at the back of the module.

Advantages of the usage of laser welding for welding new strength batteries:
Laser Welding Machine-150k.png

First of all, laser welding has excessive strength density, small welding deformation and small Heat-affected zone, which can efficaciously improve the precision of parts, and the weld is clean except impurities, uniform and compact, except extra grinding work;
Secondly, laser welding can be exactly controlled, with small focal factors and high-precision positioning. It is convenient to reap automation with a robotic arm, enhancing welding efficiency, lowering work hours, and lowering costs;
In addition, when laser welding skinny plates or skinny wires, it will now not be without difficulty affected via remelting as arc welding;
Finally, the shape of a battery normally includes a couple of materials, such as steel, aluminum, copper, nickel, etc. These metals can also be made into electrodes, wires, or shells; Therefore, whether or not it is welding between one cloth or more than one materials, excessive necessities are put ahead for the welding process. The gain of laser welding lies in the extensive range of substances that can be welded, enabling welding between unique materials.

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