Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Safety

2023/04/19 14:52

How to avoid the damage caused by the light-free fabric fiber laser cutting machine?

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Today Editor will take you to understand the harm of fiber laser cutting machine radiation to the human body. 

The radiation from fiber laser cutting machines cannot be underestimated, especially the damage to human eyes. 

So, how should we protect ourselves from radiation damage from fiber laser cutting machines?

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1. Eyes

When people come into contact with a fiber laser cutting machine, people usually like to stare at the cutting head. If you look at the sparks from the cutting for a long time, it will sting your eyes. In addition, during the processing of the fiber laser cutting machine, the laser can be focused on the retina to form an image through the refractive medium of the eye, so that the energy density on the retina is 104~105 higher than the incident energy density on the cornea; in addition, the monochromaticity of the laser Well, the chromatic aberration of the fundus is small, resulting in extremely low laser energy exposure, which can cause corneal or retinal damage.

2. Skin

When the laser is irradiated on the skin, if the energy (power) is too large, The fiber laser cutting machine will cause skin damage. Prolonged exposure may cause burns and scarring. This damage can be repaired by tissue. Although the function is reduced, the fiber laser cutting machine does not affect the overall functional structure. It's much less damaging than the eyes, but it does require attention.

3. Respiratory system.

The high temperature generated by the laser cooperates with the gas to complete various processing. At the same time,the fiber laser cutting machine also produces a lot of dust. Especially when processing some special metal materials, the smoke generated contains a lot of chemical components. After inhalation, the dust will be suspended in the air and be harmful to the human body.

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How to avoid the injury caused by fiber laser cutting machine?

1. Necessary fiber laser cutting machine protective equipment, wear protective glasses to prevent laser from harming human eyes. Do not look directly at other persons in the work area while cutting.

2. Operators should pay attention to eat more carrots. bean sprouts. tomato. lean meat. Animal liver and other foods rich in vitamin AC and protein, often drink some green tea, because these foods can help humans better maintain their eyes, so that the human body can better maintain the human body under the radiation of the laser cutting machine.

3. There must be a matching dust removal device, try to operate in an environment with unobstructed air, and try to wear a mask.

4. When arranging the cutting site, paint the site and walls of the working environment in dark colors to reduce radiation.

5. Do not touch the cut parts immediately to avoid burns due to residual heat.

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