Laser Cleaning Machine Uses

2023/04/18 14:59

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In many industrial equipment, cleaning is necessary and can better maintain these equipment. However, most of the traditional cleaning is to choose chemistry and mechanical methods to clean, often leaving various chemical residues, which will cause some damage to the equipment. Therefore People are also considering a better cleaning method. The laser cleaning machine is very good. It is clean and not grinding, does not touch, not only has good cleaning effect, but not damaging cleaning products, so it is recognized by people.


When the surface of the product workpiece is stained with a sub -micron -level environmental pollution particles, these particles are usually sticky too tightly, and the basic cleaning method cannot be removed. The surface of the surface of the nano -technology laser radiation source is very reasonable. In addition, because the laser is not exposed to and cleaned product workpieces, the cleaning high -precision product workpiece or its detailed position is very safe, which can ensure its accuracy. Therefore, laser rust removal has unique advantages in the field of cleaning.


What are the main uses of laser cleaning machines?


There are many raw materials for laser cleaning function cleaning, and the application industry is also very common. You can use metal materials or mezzanine glass surface coating to remove it. Quickly remove the paint. Not only can it be removed, but you can gradually clean the surface paint film. And various metal oxides; remove plant oil, epoxy resin, glue, dust, dust, dirt, production and manufacturing sediments; the surface of the metal is not smooth; Cleaning; mold cleaning, such as tire molds, electronic equipment mold shellfish, food shellfish; oil pollution removal after high -precision component production and manufacturing; deep cleaning of nuclear power plants components; aviation aerospace weapons, metal oxide solutions, paint removal, rust prevention, rust prevention Treatment; narrow indoor space metal surface cleaning; precious cultural relics cleaning, rock layer cleaning, and the surface of the house building clean.


Many people do n’t know the product of the laser cleaning machine, and it does n’t know its role. Now you should be familiar with its use in the introduction above. Now you can use laser cleaning machines to clear products, including metal corrosion, metal particles, dust, etc. Technology is more mature, and has been widely used in various industries, playing an important role in many fields, so that people can use it with confidence.

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